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About NRI Relocation

Corporate Relocation Company

We Believe in Propelling Talent to New Career Opportunities
so that Engagement + Productivity + Success can Thrive!



NRI Relocation, Inc. was founded in 1985 as a full service corporate relocation company by Theodore “Ted” Bell and Herbert “Herb” Seeger, two innovative pioneers in the relocation industry, just outside Chicago, IL. Their founding mission was to reverse the common and expensive practice of corporations buying employee homes by providing a new form of service – professional home marketing assistance.


Mission Accomplished

Initially, NRI Relocation provided three top-notch relocation company services – policy consulting, home marketing assistance and home valuation services. The goal was to help the employee sell their home and keep it out of their employer’s inventory. These three essentials are still core services today, and have been expanded to offer our clients a full suite of global relocation and assignment services.


Beyond our service offerings, we believe the more important factor is how those services are delivered. Thus, we live our philosophy of Taking Relocation Personally with every client and each employee. NRI Relocation has set a high standard of exceptional personal service in the industry that is not easily replicated by a relocation company focused solely on their bottom-line.


A move, whether it is nearby or on the other side of the world, is one of the biggest changes in a person’s life, and nothing can replace having a consultant personally walk an employee and their family through the process. Relocating families need to deal with people, rather than businesses or their technology, to get the best out of a relocation program. NRI’s personal approach makes moves faster, less stressful, more organized, and more cost-effective. In the end, employees are more productive and know they were fully supported by their company.


corporate relocation company


Innovating For Future


After more than 30 years, we still refine our foundation of personal service in how we run our relocation company every day.  And we’re constantly enhancing our relocation technology and expanding our service scope to include solutions that fit the modern needs of our clients.


Exceptional Personal Service, Passionate Experience, and Resourceful Technology

all blend together to perfect the NRI relocation company experience.

Our Leadership Team


Susan Bender

Chief Executive Officer

John Zilka


Stacy Seeger

Vice President, HR & Administration

Paula Keats-Ward

Vice President, Operations

Pete Schroeder

Director, Finance
Deborah Benavides

Deborah Benavides

Director, Business Development