Chicago IL USA Area – Corporate HQ
Who We Are

Welcome home with NRI Relocation.  We are an award-winning corporate relocation company that delivers personal relocation experiences for leading companies and talented employees.

Our Purpose

To propel key talent to new career opportunities worldwide so that employee engagement, productivity, and success can thrive.

Our Core Values

We deliver on our purpose by connecting our values-based philosophy of Taking Relocation Personally to every client and each employee.  These core values guide the design and delivery of an employee relocation experience that truly helps employees move forward, while also staying perfectly aligned with the cultural and financial goals of our client companies.

  • Consultative + Customized
  • Responsive + Adaptable
  • Quality-Driven + Independent
Our Key Differentiators

We believe our values and purpose creates the model framework to deliver the best relocation experience in the industry. Our relocation Policy + Services + Technology offerings coupled with our award-winning personal service and client attention makes us your best relocation partnership solution.

Our model brings you the service-trust benefits of a small company, with the capability-scope benefits of a large one.  Learn how and why we are a different corporate relocation company.

  • Personal customer service
  • Fast, flexible, focused
  • 100% independent model
  • Client-driven technology, analytics
  • Award-winning service teams
  • Operational excellence since 1985
  • Accessible, forward-thinking leadership
  • Transparent pricing, cost reporting


Our History

Founded 1985, we were the first relocation company in the industry to provide professional home marketing and valuation services to employees.  This feature enhances an employee’s ability to sell their home quickly at a fair market price, and also removes the conflict of interest between corporate and employee home value opinion.

In addition, our co-founder Ted Bell is officially credited by Worldwide ERC® as the original creator of the relocation home buyout transaction process, today know as the Guaranteed Buyout Offer (GBO).  We are proud of our historical contributions to the relocation industry and this inspires us to drive innovation through our company today.


John Zilka, CRP

President & Chief Officer

Paula Keats-Ward, CRP

Vice President, Client Success

Stacy Seeger

Vice President, Administration

Susan Bender, CRP

Senior Advisor & CEO Emeritus

Dawn Harbeck, CRP

Manager, Client Experience

Deborah Benavides, CRP

Director, Consultative Sales