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Corporate Relocation Services

What are Corporate Relocation Services?

Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate relocation services are a collection of departure, destination, and administrative services that help employees and their families relocate more efficiently during a company-assisted move.  Common relocation services include home sale assistancehousehold goods managementtemporary living coordination, and relocation expense reimbursements.  Corporations provide relocation assistance to employees for both U.S. and international moves or assignments.


Relocation Management Companies (RMC)

Corporate relocation services coordination is typically outsourced from within the human resources department of a corporation to a relocation management company (RMC).  The RMC specializes in relocation policy developmentcustomer service, supply chain management, and financial services.  Additionally, a personal consultant or counselor from the RMC serves as the main contact for the relocating employee during the move and coordinates all relocation services based on the assigned relocation policy.  Client management services such as relocation technology, relocation financial services, and relocation reporting are also provided by the RMC for a full service solution.


The leading trade association for the corporate relocation industry is Worldwide ERC® based in Arlington, VA.  They host worldwide events and connect global mobility professionals around the world.


NRI Relocation the RMC

At NRI Relocation, we are an independent and full service relocation management company for coordinating corporate relocation services and international global mobility.  We help businesses of all sizes design and deliver talent mobility programs that perfectly align with their cultural and financial goals.  Our daily mission is to provide our clients and their relocating employees with a highly personal, flexible, and transparent relocation experience that propels their transition to the next career opportunity.  We were founded in 1985 outside Chicago.


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To learn how we can help your relocation program, please Contact Us for a free overview and consultation.  Or visit our Relocation Services and Relocation Technology sections to learn more.


For more general information about corporate relocation services, please also visit Wikipedia – Relocation ServicesRelocating, and Moving Company.