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Employee Relocation Services


Employee needs don’t always fit between the lines drawn by their policy

When delivering employee relocation services, it’s NRI’s job to always stay one step ahead and be your employee’s main resource during the move.  Additionally, we are here 24/7 for when needs change, something doesn’t go as planned, or life happens and your employee desires something else. Our Relocation Consultants are constantly anticipating and assessing needs to not only avert problems, but to capitalize on opportunities to make moves more easier for your employees.


It’s all about the relocation experience with NRI Relocation.  We take our job to propel your talent to their new career opportunity very seriously with care and attention.  Our goal is for your employee to be engaged, productive, and successful during their transition to the new role.  We do this by living our philosophy of Taking Relocation Personally with every employee, every day.  We have managed tens of thousands of moves in our history this way, and our focus on personal service and attention will always be number one.  It is our promise to be personal, flexible, transparent, and treat each one of your employees as if we were moving our own lives and family.  That is our NRI promise to you, every day.


Please check out our Relocation Services menu or Relocation Technology page to learn how we put this philosophy to action and support.