Group Move Management – the coordination of ten of more employee relocations happening around the same time and between the same departure and destination work locations.

Some times, strategic company decisions lead to more than just a few key employees needing to relocate.  Perhaps you’re opening a new facility and need your talent elsewhere, or you’re considering moving your corporate headquarters to a different state.  In either case, group move management by NRI allows you to make these decisions without worrying about one of the hardest parts – communicating the group move effectively and ensuring a positive experience for the loyal talent you’ve asked to move.

From custom policy design for your group move needs to helpful announcement day assistance, we’ll consult and deliver right by your side from start to finish.  We’ll deploy our detailed strategies across all three phases of group move management, making sure you stay on track:

  • Pre-Announcement Planning
  • Announcement Day Communication
  • Post-Announcement Execution

Group moves can be overwhelming and stressful.  We’ll take your group move personally and be your trusted guide, allowing you to propel your talent en masse to the new location.

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