Why should you outsource relocation services?  Like most outsourcing decisions, it comes down to time, cost effectiveness, and desired expertise.

In today’s modern world of human resources, the number of duties added to the plates of HR professionals continues to expand.  No longer are these roles just about personnel issues, benefits administration, and new hire paperwork.  Consequently, topics like recruiting, talent acquisition, onboarding, engagement, rewards, and retention are now key strategic roles that HR leads.

Managing corporate relocation services has now become another one of these roles.  While it may have been realistic to manage this function internally in the past, the increasing realization of better efficiency and tax/legal compliance through outsourcing with a specialized relocation services company has changed the solution.

Corporations are now seeing the value of full service outsourcing for relocation services.  The corporate factors listed below are key components of a relocation program that can be enhanced by an outsource relocation services partnership:


  • Policy Development
  • Employee Relocation Experience
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Payroll & Tax Compliance
  • Reporting & Technology
  • Talent Management & Branding


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