Technology continues to transform the way we live, work and conduct business. So it’s no surprise that, as employee relocation technology evolves, organizations are asking: how can I manage my employee relocation online? Are web based employee relocation Employee Relocation Technologyplatforms viable alternatives to the services provided by a traditional employee relocation company?

These are valid questions. Workforce talent is every company’s number one asset, but it’s also their number one expense. Every employee relocation is an investment.

With so much at stake, what is the best method of achieving an efficient, cost-effective, positive employee relocation experience in 2017? Let’s take a closer look.

The Case for Employee Relocation Technology

Today’s web based employee relocation platforms streamline tasks and centralize recordkeeping for employees, while offering employers cost efficiency—no small thing when every dollar counts.

Employee relocation apps allow employees to track expenses, organize receipts and bids, maintain checklists, etc. Considering the countless tasks required to move a family from point A to point B, employee relocation technology is a valuable tool.

Furthermore, for tech-savvy new hires and millennials—who may not receive the same level of benefits as mid-to-executive level employees—web based employee relocation platforms seem like a natural fit.

The catch: when employee relocation apps completely replace the services of employee relocation consultants, it shifts more legwork (and stress) onto employees and their families, potentially imperiling their relocation experience.

The Benefits of Traditional Employee Relocation Companies    

In contrast, a conventional employee relocation company deploys the services of professional consultants to smooth the way for relocating employees. A relocation consultant is an employee’s advocate, advance team and support system in one, lightening the burden of relocation activities.

And there’s far more at stake here than simply getting things done. Indisputably, moving is one of life’s most universally stressful events. It can be emotionally devastating for employees and their families.

Will the kids like their new school? Make new friends? Will a spouse be able to restart his/her career? With so many worries, how can employees even focus on succeeding in their new roles?

These very normal fears can overshadow the relocation experience. Employee relocation apps can’t ease these worries. However, a sensitive relocation consultant—one with experience shepherding families over these very hurdles—can, whether by providing additional resources or lending a compassionate ear.

But then, do you lose the efficiency of managing employee relocation online? Not necessarily.

Tech and Touch Work Better Together 

Fortunately, employee relocation technology and professional relocation services aren’t mutually exclusive. Done right, they complement each other perfectly.

Progressive employee relocation companies are leveraging the best of both worlds to create the optimal employee relocation experience. They’re utilizing web based platforms to manage logistical tasks effectively (and cost-effectively), while their professional consultants gently usher employees and their families through this complex, life-changing transition.

When it comes to efficiency, technology has much to offer. But when it comes to major life experiences, we are still human—and there is no substitute for the personal touch.