When you are relocating employees you need access to critical pieces of data related to an employee’s move at any given moment. Waiting until the next business day to receive that information is often not fast enough. The clock is ticking. You need an answer. What do you do? Employee Relocation Tracking Tool

You log onto WEBVIEW.

WEBVIEW is NRI’s very own secure web-based portal for the exclusive use of our clients. WEBVIEW allows our clients to review the status of their employee moves 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere. The portal provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of each relocation.

If you’re providing a home sale program as part of your company’s relocation policy offerings, WEBVIEW provides copies of appraisals, inspections and a link to the online listing.

Wonder where your employee is staying and how much it costs?  The info is a click away on WEBVIEW. Curious as to when the employee’s household goods will be picked-up and delivered or if there were any claims? Use WEBVIEW, and that information is right at your fingertips.

Best of all, we keep meticulous notes on the employee relocation that goes beyond the stats; giving you peace of mind that someone is taking good care of your employee during the relocation process.

Initiations can be sent anytime day or night via WEBVIEW.  They are downloaded to our secure database and a confirmation of the order is automatically returned. You’ll know instantly that we received the information, and you’ll also know the name of the Relocation Consultant who will be working with your employee, along with their email and phone number. The details of the relocation and the status of the move are always available on WEBVIEW.

And when you use WEBVIEW, you can easily get the big picture of your relocation project because WEBVIEW enables you to generate customized, real-time reports for any time period you specify.

NRI also offers an easy-to-use budgeting tool which makes it a snap to create a reasonable cost estimate for any employee relocation project, of any size.

The name of this tool is – naturally – “SNAP”. Easy-to-use, and easy-to-remember. Say your CFO wants an estimated cost of relocating a potential new hire: feed SNAP just a few pieces of information, and the software will take you step-by-step through the estimation process. You’ll be able to impress that CFO without breaking a sweat, and still leave the office on time.

With SNAP and WEBVIEW, you can make better-informed decisions, with better information, faster, and with more accuracy.  And because NRI is committed to supporting our clients 100%, we provide both these helpful data tools to our clients at no additional cost.

We think the benefits of WEBVIEW and SNAP are so useful for tracking an employee relocation, we even made a video about them!

About the Author: Paula Keats-Ward is the VP of Operations at NRI Relocation, a full-service employee relocation management company.