Diversity in Action

Discover how your company’s relocation program can lay the groundwork to attract, recruit and retain a diverse workforce.


Greater Chicago AreaWhether you are looking to create a workforce with a better balance in gender, race, sexual orientation or something else, finding and retaining a diverse workforce can be challenging. The best mobility strategies will be personal, agile, and adaptable, capable of meeting both the specific goals of the company and different demographics of employees.

It has become mission critical to cultivate a diverse workforce that offers a variety of perpectives that your company can leverage to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions. Tailoring your relocation offer with diversity considerations sends a powerful message to the employee about the extent to which your organization values them and it is also essential for maintaining a long-term competitive advantage. Demographics are changing quickly and companies must have a proactive hiring strategy if they are going to compete for top talent and be able to sell their products to those demographics.

“Diversity in Action” examines the importance of fostering inclusiveness through a diverse workforce and how it impacts relocation. In addition, “Diversity in Action” outlines how companies can fully utilize their recruiting strategies, relocation policies and delivery of services to create the components of a successful relocation program.

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