A Guide to Global Mobility

Discover how your company’s relocation program can lay the groundwork to recruit and retain mission-critical talent for international assignments.


Greater Chicago AreaIn today’s increasingly global marketplace, focusing on worldwide growth and pursuing new markets on the ground is essential. Organizations will source talent from all over the world and international assignments will be business as usual.

Companies that wish to seize first-mover advantage simply can’t afford to treat global mobility programs as a niche activity. They need to use international assignments as a way to develop their next generation of leaders. They need to develop standard global mobility procedures that are cost-efficient, effective, and repeatable.

“A Guide to Global Mobility” examines the important components of a global mobility program that should be included in your relocation policy design. In addition, “A Guide to Global Mobility” outlines how companies can fully utilize their relocation policies and delivery of services to create the components of a successful relocation that spans the globe.

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