Partner Up to Hire Smart
in a Tight Labor Market


Partner up to hire smart in a tight labor market.Small and medium-sized companies are finding it harder than it has been for some time to find and hire top talent. A tightening labor market has tipped the scales towards the employee, and even the most sought-after companies are finding that they have to raise their game.

This challenging environment also means it’s a good time for companies to think about managing their talent mobility needs in a more strategic way, because a significant factor in attracting and retaining the best talent is addressing and meeting the expectations of highly desired employees from the beginning of the relationship.

But although recruiting top talent is essential, so is retaining the top talent you already have. There are few things more important to the vitality and growth of an organization than its talent. Employee relocation helps companies expand their presence, grow their business and groom future leaders, ensuring longevity and stability. An effective mobility program needs to provide the right combination of desirable benefits and a flexible framework in which to most effectively deliver those benefits.

“Partner Up to Hire Smart in a Tight Labor Market” explores how cultivating strategic mobility partnerships enables organizations to recruit for their specific needs, while keeping costs under control. In addition, “Partner Up to Hire Smart in a Tight Labor Market” outlines the essential components of administering successful executive employee relocation packages that can help companies become and remain competitive in the marketplace for top talent.

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