Getting Ready to Reshape the Future


Getting ready to reshape the future.The Millennial generation comes with a number of assumptions and stereotypes – among them is that millennial employees are difficult or unwilling to relocate. Current research suggests that these stereotypes may no longer be true. However, most companies have relocation policies geared for the needs and expectations of an older generation – not to the needs of the future.

In practice, an outdated relocation policy or a relocation program that doesn’t meet the needs of a new demographic of employees is an underutilized resource. Relocation offers can be a valuable part of expansion and/or succession planning and companies should consider reviewing and revising their current relocation policy and program to best attract, engage, and retain their valued millennial employees. This is a forward-thinking strategy which will benefit both employees and the company.

“Millennials: Getting Ready to Reshape the Future” delves deeper into who millennials are and why they matter. In addition, “Millennials: Getting Ready to Reshape the Future” outlines what employers can do in order to adjust to the needs and preferences of this age group – thus paving the way for effective recruiting, increased retention, improved engagement and more successful relocations.

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