Greater Chicago AreaA company’s success is directly tied to the quality of its workforce. Today’s companies are ready and willing to invest in the right talent and they are willing to invest to move that talent to where it is most needed. This means that the relocation offer plays a key role in determining whether or not your employee will be willing to move themselves and their family to a new location.

Moving to a new area is tough. It’s even more difficult if you’re moving with a family. Your relocating employee will appreciate help finding temporary housing, locating new schools, job-finding help for a trailing spouse or partner, and more. A successful relocation policy is flexible enough to integrate technology as necessary to enhance its offerings, while meeting the changing needs of employees as they move up the career ladder from middle managers to senior executives and corporate leaders.

“Technology: Reshaping Corporate Relocation” examines the inclusion of mobile apps and web based platforms into the employee relocation experience. In addition, “Technology: Reshaping Corporate Relocation” outlines how companies can effectively combine the use of technology with a personal touch to boost their recruiting strategies, relocation policies and delivery of services in order to create the components of a successful relocation program.

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