The Future of Relocation

Discover how your company’s relocation program can lay the groundwork to recruit and retain mission-critical talent regardless of generation.


The future of corporate relocation.The current workforce is comprised of up to four generations: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X (“Gen X”), and Generation Y (“Millennials”). Moving toward the future, mobility strategies will need to evolve to meet more sophisticated deployment demands, while simultaneously managing the very different needs and expectations of the new multi-generational workforce.

The best mobility strategies will be personal, agile, and adaptable, capable of meeting both the specific goals of the company and different demographics of employees.

“The Future of Relocation” examines the changing demographics in the workforce and how it impacts relocation. In addition, “The Future of Relocation” outlines how companies can fully utilize their relocation policies and delivery of services to create the components of a successful relocation that transcends the generation gap.

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